Sunday, 24 June 2012

Waxing Lyrical

"I'd rather be a comma than a full stop!

I heard this lyric yesterday. It is from "Every tear drop is a waterfall" By Coldplay. What a wonderful line. To me it means I would rather be in the sentence that be at the end. I do not have the luxury to ask Chris Martin himself. Having listened to the song many times I had never noticed how poignant this lyric was. Could have just been it was early morning and my lack of sleep the night before was making me more emotional, Who Knows? 

How often however do we take for granted the lyrics in the music we listen to?

Song writing is as much of an art form as painting on canvas. Yet people wonder for hours in galleries staring at paintings and wondering what the meaning is behind them. Musicians and songwriters however pour it all onto a page for us to behold in song. Out in the open to be judged by fan,critic and industry. When listening to songs you can at times tell the frame of mind an artists was in. Or it is out clearly written in the song for you to hear. 

So next time there is music playing be it when listening to the radio in the car or dancing around your living room as I do. Stop and take a moment to listen to the lyrics. They meant something to the artist and in turn they can mean something to you. 

Some favourite Lyrics of mine.

" Wishing to be the friction in your jeans" 
" Time grabs you by the wrist directs you where to go"
"To know that i can say i love you in any given time or place"
Kudos my Hero"
"It's the heart afraid of breaking That never learns to dance"
"Change the voices in your head make them like you instead"

I could go on and on. 


Saturday, 2 June 2012

Perfect 10

Can you list your 10 favourite songs? 

How do you choose? Is it like a mother selecting her favourite child? Ok so perhaps not as extreme. But the decision and tension as you compile your own list could prove to be mind blowing. I am having to compile a list for Our forthcoming wedding. To make it equal we are picking ten songs each. Although my future husband says he will vet mine and remove any considered crap. Thankfully it is me that is emailing the DJ. This is not the wedding list it just got me thinking of my favourite songs of which there are many. So for the moment I am going to reveal 5 of my 10. 

Well I don't want to give it all away do I? 

Here is how i derived my list. 1. List my favourite bands.
                                         2. Poignant Songs
                                    3. Everlasting Tunes (I could play on repeat forever)

So being born in 1983 meant that my birth into music  was at a time when electro pop was beginning and New Romance was at an end. Number one on the day i was born is a song I actually like. The tone of Ali Campbell's voice is different and instantly recognisable. So number 1 on the list is: 

1. "Red Red Wine" by UB40.

As I have written in previous posts. I was a sucker for pop music from the age of 6. So therefore at least one of my songs has to be from the era where my walls were clodded with posters of boy bands. Picking one may be a problem. Boyzone, Take That, East 17, 911, Let Loose and Westlife. There were many, so friends don't hate me. They weren't even my most loved band, It wasn't a massive single but i like the tune.

2."When You're Looking Like That" by Westlife.

My third choice goes on every playlist I compile. I sing it to my son every night before he goes to sleep. He affectionately calls it "Forks". It's by one of my ultimate favourite bands of all time.

3. "Time of Your Life" (Good Riddance) by Green Day.

You bored yet? I am nearly done. Two more to go. 

With that number four is from an album that I adore and never tire of. This tune gets me to me feet as soon as the opening bar strikes. The lyrics in this song are great, fun and meaningful. A perfect tune. So from their Third studio album I give you. 

4. "Sugar, We're Goin' Down" By Fall Out Boy.

Number 5 and my last instalment to the short list. It is a song that some might find weird but hey it's my list. So hold on to your hats. The end is nigh. 

5. "Video Killed the Radio Star" By The Buggles.

Now off you jump to you tube to see what they sound like and judge. You might start to think what your own top songs may be.