Saturday, 25 August 2012

Live, Laugh, love, Loud & Live

Live music is an experience I Treasure. I can remember at least one moment from every gig I have been to.

Even when attending festivals I love to walk around the site taking in different acts while waiting on the ones I want to watch come on stage.  Outdoor music festivals are one of my favourite places on earth.

In my opinion there is something about the power of seeing a band/act live that cannot compare to other art forms. It is very different from watching an act on TV, watching a film or going to the Theatre.

Some acts put on a full show. In that they themselves performing their songs is not enough. They create a spectacle around them to a theme or storyline. Then there are the artists who stand and pour their heart and soul into their performance with nothing but a carpet and the band logo to back them.

I have had the joy of witnessing both. There is no one better than the other. Every artist has the right to perform the way they see fit.

 Don't get me wrong I have seen some bad live acts. Some down to performance. Some down to the Music its self. I do not judge PJ Harvey fans. I have seen her live and hated it. As a result to this day, after what I witnessed. I have refused to listen to her ever since. It was that awful. But then to others it may have been amazing. Each to their own.

The best Live Gigs I have been to are: Stereophonics Performance & Cocktails Tour in 1999.
                                                           Green Day at T in the Park 2005
                                                           Pink SECC 2008
                                                           Fall Out Boy The Garage 2007
                                                           Foo Fighters Big Day Out 2003
                                                           The Who T in the Park 2007
                                                           Arctic Monkeys Lancashire Cricket Ground 2007
                                                           Del Amitri Glasgow Fair 1995
I have also been let down. You build up to a gig and wait months on the event arriving. Playing the music, singing the songs. Only to go and watch and be left at the end of the concert feeling like a deflated balloon. Amy Winehouse was one act, but I refuse to speak ill of the dead. Pop concerts are all a bit mediocre and repetitive once you have seen one pop act its the same for the others.  I have also been let down by a band who I have seen live more than once. Case in point U2. Who are a phenomenal live band. They are a spectacle. However on their last 360 tour they did not live up to my created hype. But everyone has bad days.

Despite the bad I have been to there is still nothing that changes my mind about live music.

There could be a reason why Live and Live are the same spelling.