Monday, 14 April 2014

The forgotten Ones.

"Oh my I forgot about this song!"

The other week while sitting at a comedy gig at the interval and a Muse song starts playing. I cannot remember which specific one. But we both looked at each other in sudden realisation of oh yeah we liked Muse. At one point. So today here I am thinking that there must be a plethora of albums and bands that we all forget we like/liked or at least listened to for weeks on end.

 Now I am not talking about the ones of childhood past such as Boyzone and East 17. I mean Muse I have easily not listened to in a year. Another band I forget about is 30 seconds to Mars. So due to Jared Leto's (30STM front man) Oscar win they too have been on my return list. One hit wonders like Deep blue somethings "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and New Radicals "Get what you give" have always been around on my play list creations so how is it a bands full back catalogue can disappear off my music radar?

 To quote the musical rent I feel we go through "Seasons of Love" I think that the change in seasons can have a complete effect in what we listen too. Obviously as the snow falls in the month of December we hear Christmas songs and Slade is yet again let out of its box. But as the temperature slightly raises (I do live in Scotland) in these spring months. I find the more upbeat my play lists and listening requirements are.I prefer more melodic songs than the usual emo and rock I listen too. Often in summer some dance tracks seem to seep into my car stereo too. There nothing like driving, sunglasses on, windows slightly down, singing along to your favourite tunes.  So I'm off to rediscover those. I will do some sort of voodoo sun dance at the same time.

Blog Songs : Muse Exo Politics
 Deep blue something -Breakfast at Tiffany's
New Radicals - Get what you give