Sunday, 11 May 2014

Album anticipation

Rumours circulate.

Waiting! Waiting!

Dates are announced, a single is released and maybe another track leaked.

Waiting! Waiting! Waiting! Waiting! Waiting!

Counting down! Saving, reading interviews, watching interviews.

Woo hoo! Off to the shops I go.

This was the scenario I would go through upon waiting for an artist I liked new album to launch. I would skim my lunch money (Sorry Mum) and save and wait till its release date then rush to the shops to purchase the CD. Eagerly read the cover book on the bus or wait till I got home so I could read and hear the new found lyrics at the same time. Like an absolute music nerd. I am not ashamed to admit this in the slightest.

Today however it is in no way as eagerly anticipated.

I still get excited about a bands new work and the effort that the have so obviously put into their music. But due to digital downloading and the demise of the CD. The volume of excitement is not as high as it once was. Okay! So I am at least 15 years older than I was when I would pour all my money into music. I have a family and inevitably so my priorities have changed. Also with growing up I now see the machine and publicity planning that goes behind an album release. Its timed to perfection. On the other hand I see that a band have finished their work months before it is released. Due to the digital overtake record companies leave more time between single and album releases in order to generate more chart sales. Look big marketing mogul I just want to hear the new songs.

What prompted this whole post. Twin Atlantic. The band have been in an album creating hiatus for near enough a year. As bands do. So when they used the power of social media to excite fans about their forthcoming single. We knew an album would not be far behind. On the 24th of March a teaser with an incredible guitar riff was released. Followed by exclusive airplay on of their single on the 31st March. Hours later the video was launched. Not too bad of a schedule. So I was thinking cool come May their album will be out. NOPE!! On 23rd of April after further Facebook teasers the launch date of August 18th was given. Boooo Hissssss to that record company and gone is a Twin Atlantic filled summer.A 6 month wait from teaser to album launch, Red Bull records you have lost the plot. Especially with forthcoming tour dates. How are fans suppose to enjoy new songs if we do not know them prior to the gig. No matter how much you attempt to entice with Pre order offers. I'm not parting with anything three months in advance. The anticipation will dwindle further I am sure. But more than likely I will be up on the 18th August eager to download.

So like my younger self I am left.

Waiting! Waiting! Waiting! Waiting!