Sunday, 9 September 2012

Reality Check?

So the onslaught of reality television has become more vast in the music industry since 2000.

Although there were television talent shows prior to this. The winning talent was not as exposed and the show held no influence over the music charts. In fact few talents even made it into the public eye. You would be forgiven for not knowing who they were if you did not watch the show itself. Now it is not so simple. The winner is forced upon the public and advised to appear on every aspect of media available.

There have been some who have managed to stay true to their belief in music. There have be few who are controlled by their puppet master agents. Along with many who have disappeared into obscurity often making a reappearance on celebrity big brother five years later.  

I am going to honest and admit that ,Yes I did watch these shows. When they first began. I was however always in the corner of the musician. I rooted for Will Young as i believed he was an artist not a product. More recently i was relieved when Matt Cardle was crowned the winner of 2010's X Factor because he too was there for the music not to be manufactured into something he was not. There is one thing similar in both these cases that I think is the major flaw in these reality shows. The company running the show its self. The company that grants the winner their record contract did not want these contestants to win. 

Simon Cowell is on record for saying that when Will Young's name was called out as winner on 2002's pop Idol he figured all was lost.

"I still to this day can’t watch the final back because I was really really disappointed.  I really liked Gareth and wanted him to win.'

He wanted a product. Something to mould and that all teenage girls would swoon over. Where as Will Young did not appeal to him. Mr Young was more mature, had his own opinion on what he wanted to do. Not saying Gareth Gates did not but I imagine Mr Cowell had his itinerary planned for Gareth from his first audition.  More recent winner Matt Cardle had to break form his Sony record deal in order to be the artist he wanted, not what they desired. His work was not supported despite being the public voted winner.

It is this reason i do not like reality music shows. I believe that they breed something that hinders the music industry. In my opinion it is responsible for making light all the hard work that musicians and artists have produced over the years. Examples of acts that shows have produced that and i am going to stat again, IN MY OPINION are wrong for the music industry.

Jedward: They are a comedy duo that have been lead to believe by show producers that they can sing. Without the aid of a TV show these boys would not be where they are today. However in their defense I believe that the twins are in no way as silly as they make out to be. I think both boys are intelligent and are playing this game as they know that their popularity will not last.

Susan Boyle: She can sing very few songs in tune. Her albums are produced with rigorous amounts of computer technology. She did well to show up "Britain's got talent" As she walked on stage the panel were all in the belief that she was a delusional hermit. Until she sang " I dreamed a dream".

One Direction/ Little Mix/ (Any band put together to save them all being chucked off the show)-  A band put together on the show. Given a name that at times is already taken in another country. Researchers really do not do enough homework. Then made to work together. Okay it is a formula we know that has been used in the industry through open auditions. But the difference being that these TV groups then have to work out all the kinks, personalities and disputes in the public eye. Which is an added pressure that is not needed.

This is a subject that I could blog on for an eternity. But If I do not sound bitter already I will end up sounding like one of those elderly ladies that complain about public transport. I am not saying no one should watch these shows even though I whoop slightly when I hear that viewing figures have dwindled. Just remember while watching that there are many bands and artists out there that could have went down this route and may have not ended up producing the work you like. Or while you are watching think are those contestants producing the music they like? 

Please Note: I believe that there is something wrong with these shows themselves. Not all the acts that perform in them!