Monday, 5 June 2017

Return of the pack.

I noticed that I had this blog linked on my Instagram account. Only to realise that my last post was in 2014. Nearly a full 3 years. So seen as the title is still so fitting as I am just as much a music nut.  however I am also an over thinker. A constant imagination user who loves to create. So why not divulge some of my musing on the internet. And try to keep it up.

Since of the start of the year I have been keeping a journal. no not a Dear diary oh woes me type affair but a little book of musings, lists, bullet points and other thoughts that take my fancy that day. I enjoy i find it therapeutic and I get to use lots of lovely stationary that i seem to collect.

My son is older as it seems to go with the human form but forever my little boy. Told my class participant yesterday about my little boys birthday and when i said he was 9 they said well he is not little anymore. I felt a little pang of hurt as he is not so little anymore. Also 3 days before his birthday he was diagnosed with Autism. No surprise to us as he has had communication support since aged 3.

SO I am gonna make a conscious effort to write more here as well as in notebooks. About theatre, motherhood, autism, life as well as music being the soundtrack that fuels it all.