Thursday, 24 August 2017

Songs to mark 60!

My wee mammy turned 60 this week.

And as we were planning a celebration for her I compiled a list of songs that were pivitol in her growing up and Growing old  eh maturing I should say.

I started off with number 1 on the day of her birth " All shook up" By Elvis and then continued with the songs that marked other days of her amazing life. from her 10th, 18th, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th birthdays and then other celebrations in her life like the birth of her children, Grandchildren and the day she got married.  All put together with bands and artists she has loved and introduced me to like the amazing Bowie and The Police. Then there is the ones I am certain she listens to just to wind my brother and I up like Darius and many xfactor members. On the whole the list catered for many tastes seen as the party had age 1 - 65ish  in attendance. My mum enjoyed it which was the main thing.

Monday, 3 July 2017

Living up to the hype

This weeks see's Glasgow having a kind of music take over. Although there are always gigs  throughout the city. With no T in the Park Glasgow Green will host a 3 day TRSMT festival. With massive headliners like Biffy Clyro (Whoop) to Radiohead (Meh) and other awesome artists in between the centre of town is certain to be rocking. So far the Sunday has my attention but not my ticket commitment.  However before all that Green Day headline their own gig at bellahouston park. The amazing punk rock group I have loved since 1994. I haven't seen them live since 2005. I have avidly monitored the weather. Planned what i'm wearing, where I'm going to park and what we are going to do afterwards.  Their Revolution Radio tours so far covers all the hits in their 22 song set list.  My anticipation is high as it is with most concerts. Unlike the ones you sometimes purchase tickets so far in advance you near forget about the whole thing by the time it rocks up. (pardon the pun) Despite a Tuesday night out and some of us (not me) having work in the morning. I'm sure the most will be made. We have a request to phone our 9 year old son who ww have passed a love of music on to so we must remember to call him. Hopefully there will be lots of hilarity to be had I certainly plan to. With my husband and I celebrating our wedding anniversary the day after might as well roll all our festivities into one. Just need to not get so intoxicated or too overcome by live music emotion that i buy trsmt tickets on a whim.

Blog Track: Still Breathing by Green Day

Monday, 5 June 2017

Return of the pack.

I noticed that I had this blog linked on my Instagram account. Only to realise that my last post was in 2014. Nearly a full 3 years. So seen as the title is still so fitting as I am just as much a music nut.  however I am also an over thinker. A constant imagination user who loves to create. So why not divulge some of my musing on the internet. And try to keep it up.

Since of the start of the year I have been keeping a journal. no not a Dear diary oh woes me type affair but a little book of musings, lists, bullet points and other thoughts that take my fancy that day. I enjoy i find it therapeutic and I get to use lots of lovely stationary that i seem to collect.

My son is older as it seems to go with the human form but forever my little boy. Told my class participant yesterday about my little boys birthday and when i said he was 9 they said well he is not little anymore. I felt a little pang of hurt as he is not so little anymore. Also 3 days before his birthday he was diagnosed with Autism. No surprise to us as he has had communication support since aged 3.

SO I am gonna make a conscious effort to write more here as well as in notebooks. About theatre, motherhood, autism, life as well as music being the soundtrack that fuels it all.