Saturday, 13 October 2012

Novelty Effect

We love them at parties. There will be one in your collection at least. For some you may even know the dance routine.

But what makes a song - novelty? Is it one that is imported from the holiday dance floors of Spain? A feature on a film soundtrack?  Or an infectious one hit wonder from Sweden? The answer is longevity. If it has with stood the change of generation after generation then their novelty has not worn off.

Do they deserve adulation? I believe so.

Music brings people together. We all know this. And none more so that when you and all your drunk relatives are dancing together to the 'Time Warp' at a party. Or in my case reliving your youth and strutting out the entire dance of Whigfield's 'Saturday Night' while your younger cousin tries to keep up with you. Each generation has a novelty song that they love or hate.

For my Grandmother it's 'The Slosh'. For my Mother 'The Hucklebuck' For Myself its 'Saturday Night'.

Both my Gran and Mum have tried unsuccessfully to teach me the dances to both these songs. It does not however prevent them from dragging me to the dance floor when they are played.

Most recently for this generation it is the Korean pop song "Gangnam Style" a  massive hit in Korea that transferred to Britain this summer. Along with its infectious dance routine. My sister who is a massive fan of Korean pop would say its not novelty. However we shall see how many of her favoured  Korean pop songs follow suit. I cannot see the Korean pop influence holding much attention to the masses in Britain. However I would loved to be proved wrong.

Along with those that have dance routines attached there is the character hits. The ones influenced by television shows like Mr Bobby, Bob the Builder, The chipmunks. Even The Simpsons had a UK number 1 with 'Do the Bartman' in 1990. I could go on.

The truth is that novelty songs will continue to provide the music industry with light relief. And dance floors at parties with entertainment.  As long as they do not take themselves seriously I have no issue with them. Rest assured I will follow in my Grandmother's footsteps and shall be dragging my grandchildren up for 'Saturday Night' teaching them the dance routine and all.