Saturday, 24 March 2012

My Brain is a Jukebox. Everyday I dance to its many tunes.

Music has always been a massive part of my life. My parents never influenced me on particular genres, I just danced along to whatever they placed on the record player. This could be anything from The Rolling Stones to Barbara Streisand or B.B King to Bananarama. All and all the extensive LP collection my parents owned was like a pick and mix selection from the music industry. I learnt to respect that everyone has their own individual choice and taste in music. My Dad owned a record shop when i was little so i think that the smell of Vinyl is in my blood. I seen first hand the transition of Media. Records were replaced by Cassettes and then cassettes by Compact discs. 

Now nearly a quarter of a century on from those shop memories the digital download has further taken over. It was only last night as my boyfriend sat playing song intro after intro that i realised how much music my brain contains. He was making me guess each tune. Like the old television show testing how long it took me. If I didn't know the name of the song then I did know the opening Lyric. If I failed on the opening, I could give the chorus. Failing only a few times to my disappointment. It was this realisation that made me write this post.

I sadly admit that we do not own any vinyl (Sorry Dad). However I cannot ever see the day coming that I scrap my CD collection. Even with all its embarrassment hidden on the bottom shelf. Secretly I feel I need to teach my son that songs did not just appear with a click of a button. As I reach my late 20's (SHHH!) I only hope that I continue to find new and different music. If not I always have my internal Jukebox to delve into.  

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