Monday, 23 July 2012

It's a Grower

Songs are like ice cream flavours. There are ones that you like instantly and will listen to time after time (see what I did there) then there are the ones that take you a while and a few listens to decided if you like them or not. Many Refer to songs they learn to like as "Growers"

These songs can go 4 ways

1. You decided - nope don't like that. I tried, but you just are not for me.

I shall name this: Strawberry Ice Cream.

2. Wow! Amazing! What a "Tune" and you play it over and over, while it is receiving hype. Until you forget about it. You Might dig it out at some point if you find it hanging around.

This for me is: Cookie dough

3. Nope it's awful. Oh it's OK. Actually I quite like it.

This shall be known as: Vanilla Ice Cream.

4. A song that connects, it has something in its melody and lyrics that awakens your soul. This song will forever be played for years to come.

This is known to myself as: Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. (Best flavour!)

There are many songs released at summer. All straining to be those massive hits of your holiday.

There are 4 songs out this summer that have fell into these categories and my strawberry may be your mint choc chip. As always I ask you to have as open mind as I do.

Cookie Dough: "Drive By" by Train

Good pop song. Dance along to. BBQ to. It has sunshine in the rhythm. Drive by's are over in a flash this songs staying power is to.

Vanilla: "Call Me Maybe" by Carly Rae Jepsen

When I first heard this song I was puzzled as to what it was saying, who was singing and I hated it. Now having listened to the song masses. I have grown to enjoy it along with its many parodies.

Strawberry: "Call My Name" by Cheryl Cole

No No No! Not even being produced by my favourite dance musician Calvin Harris saves it for me. I tried to enjoy it but like the associated flavour. I wanted to lock it in the freezer and not try it again.

Mint choc chip: "Wide Awake" by Katy Perry.

I loved the lyrics and it's up beat tempo melody. A bit like "firework" when I first heard it on her Album. However I feel there is more to the song. As I mentioned in my previous blog (Waxing Lyrical) the lyrics are obviously important to the artist.

Give them a try and see if they awaken your taste buds too?

There is a flavour for everyone. There is a song for all. Have you ever met many people who say "Oh I don't really like Music."?  I have also not known many folks who say" I do not like ice cream" well except the lactose intolerant.

So enjoy music and eat ice cream.
Happy Summer!

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