Friday, 10 January 2014

This is the New Year.

I have written before about the power I feel that a good soundtrack on a show can have. These days I find myself using the shazam app in order to find out tracks playing in a recent episode. At times even watching a scene over just to hear the track again. I am not going to deny I do watch a lot of TV shows. With my husband however (saying that will never get old) It is a thing we do together. Catching up on the weekly goings on of "Sons of Anarchy" and "NCIS". I often wonder who chooses the tunes?

I find that when creating work with children that I have to be careful which music is used for their scenes. Point A is that it has to be child friendly and B It has to suit the scene. I have been caught out and had to use some of my own musical tastes, which the 9- 12 year old group can screw their noses up at and the 6- 8 year old kids have no idea that a song was possibly released prior to their birth everything post the recent top 40 to them is old. The thing is I don't want to feel as if  music is pushed on people. At times hobbies and passions can be. Saying to me "Oh i don't really like music" is like saying you don't really like to breathe. A bit harsh and over dramatic but never the less true. I adore it.  To someone else it could be "I  don't really like football", "I don't really like dancing". We all have different things that drive us and we are all different people.

 As the new term of classes I assist are about to commence I have found myself at my computer with my old ipod and this term I shall not be caught out.Yes this does mean that the latest version of the Now pop album will be downloaded but at least I should have something for everybody. I just wonder if the big producers on TV shows do similar things. I feel elated if a kid ask me who a song is by because they like it. I feel I have passed on something they may look into. If an artist I adore receives a you tube hit from a kid hearing a track I have played. I can only be doing something right.

 So as I shazam this weeks track from an episode of "Person of Interest" Big TV Exec show music director person. Please know that you are doing some great work. Maybe I will use your chosen track in my own work as this weeks warm up.  Teaching kids drama is one of the most rewarding jobs. It is fun, it is exciting. it is tiring and at times can try your patience. But I would not swap working in theatre for anything. Even to pick the tracks on a TV show.

P.S The track from Person of Interest was Building Steam with a grain of salt. By DJ Shadow
Check it out.

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